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June 7, 2018

3 Tips from Your Children’s Dentist to Help Your Child Overcome Dental Fear

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child afraid of dentistLots of kids are afraid of the dentist. They might have heard horror stories about dental care, or maybe they saw something on TV that made them hope they’d never have to settle into that big chair again. Regardless of the reason behind your child’s dental fear, it’s important that you help them overcome it. When kids are out of school and the laidback days of summer arrive, it’s a great time to focus on changing your little one’s view of dentistry. Here are a few tips from your children’s dentist in Hackettstown to help you accomplish this.

Set a Good Example

Example is one of the most powerful teaching tools there is. When your child observes that you have a positive view of the dentist, they’re likely to imitate that attitude. Be sure you:

  • Talk about the dentist in a positive light, even if you also suffer from a form of dental anxiety.
  • Ask the dentist if your child can be in the room during your appointment. When your child has a chance to observe what is going on and to get a feel for the dentist’s personality, they’re less likely to be afraid when it’s their turn in the big chair.
  • Stick to good oral hygiene habits and help your child do the same. Doing your best to prevent your child from developing cavities will lessen the likelihood that they’ll have to undergo uncomfortable dental treatments in the future.

Offer Rewards

Your little one may be more likely to sit still for the dentist if they have something to look forward to after their appointment. You could take them out for a special meal, spend a few hours at their favorite park, or buy them that toy they’ve been asking for.

Of course, your child shouldn’t go the dentist solely because they want a reward. It’s important to emphasize that a healthy set of teeth is a reward in and of itself.

Find a Dentist Who Is Good With Kids

Lots of dentists are willing to treat children, but not all of them are good at treating children. Young minds and hearts require a special kind of attention, and a dentist who has a cold or brusque manner may only exacerbate your child’s anxiety.

One way to discover how a particular dentist interacts with kids is to ask for advice from fellow parents. When you drop off your child for a summer playdate with their friends from school, take a few minutes to chat with the other adults. They may know of a dentist who is fantastic with youngsters!

You can also look at patient reviews. Even if the reviews don’t specifically mention how a dentist deals with kids, you can still get a sense of how things work in a particular practice.

Is your child afraid of the dentist? We hope these simple tips from your family dentist in Hackettstown will help to change your little one’s viewpoint this summer.

About the Dentist

Dr. Arindam Kakkar graduated from dental school in 2006, and he has excelled in his field ever since. Both he and Dr. Khokhar, the other dentist in our practice, enjoy working with patients of all ages. If you would like our team to help your child overcome their dental anxiety, please contact us at 908-850-0005.

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