Tooth-Colored Fillings – Hackettstown, NJ

Making Decayed Teeth Attractive & Healthy Again

If you currently have noticeable cavities or gray metal fillings in your teeth, you might be interested in tooth-colored fillings. Made from a natural-looking mixture of ultra-fine plastic particles called composite resin, tooth-colored fillings make decayed teeth attractive and healthy again. Compared to traditional silver or amalgam fillings, tooth-colored fillings have several benefits. Call Skylands Dental of New Jersey today to explore tooth-colored fillings in Hackettstown, NJ for yourself!

Why Choose Skylands Dental of New Jersey for Tooth-Colored Fillings?

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Tooth Fracture from Silver/Mercury Filling

Closeup of smile with tooth fracture from silver mercury fillings

Metal fillings contain trace amounts of mercury, which may leak into the tooth over time and cause health problems. Additionally, metal expands and contracts with temperature changes, weakening the tooth over time. Of course, there’s also the issue of metal fillings creating a noticeable dark spot in the smile and even discoloring the surrounding enamel. That’s why Dr. Ari Kakkar offers to replace metal fillings with tooth-colored ones, which are completely free of mercury and metal, preserve more tooth structure, and match the tooth’s appearance.

Why Composite Resin?

Closeup of smile with composite resin tooth colored fillings

Composite resin dental resotrations can easily be shaded to the exact color of your teeth. This means that after your tooth-colored filling has been placed, only you and our dental team will know it’s even there. Another advantage is that the resin directly attaches to the enamel, protecting against breakage and temperature sensitivity more effectively than metal fillings. They can also last for seven to ten years – just as long as amalgam fillings in most cases. What’s more, tooth-colored fillings enable us to leave more of the tooth’s natural structure intact, making them a more conservative treatment in the long run.

Posterior Teeth

Closeup of back teeth with metal fillings

For posterior teeth or the molars and premolars toward the back of the mouth, we still typically recommend tooth-colored fillings even though they’re less likely to be seen when you smile. As mentioned above, composite resin offers more than just aesthetic benefits. The back teeth are subjected to greater pressure from chewing on a daily basis than front teeth, and tooth-colored fillings work to preserve the teeth’s integrity more so than metal fillings.