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Periodontal Surgery

When we determine that the supporting tissues are too unhealthy for non-surgical treatment, Dr. Kakkar will suggest periodontal surgery. Like a turtleneck fits snugly around your neck, gum tissue must tightly attach to your teeth. When you have periodontal disease, the gum tissue pulls away from the bone, forming pockets around the teeth. These spaces are an ideal location for bacteria to accumulate and advance under the gum tissue.

During your examination, we will chart the depth of each pocket. If the depth has become too great, we will recommend pocket reduction. During this procedure, Dr. Kakkar gently pushes back the tissue and cleans the roots of your teeth so that the gum tissue can reattach to healthy bone. When the bone supporting your teeth has been destroyed, you may also need a regenerative procedure to reverse some of the damage and encourage healthy re-growth. Dr. Kakkar can use membranes (filters), bone grafts, or tissue-stimulating proteins to encourage your body's natural ability to regenerate bone and tissue.

Benefits of Surgery

By reducing pocket depth and removing the bacteria, we can prevent the progression of periodontal disease and help patients maintain healthy smiles. Deeper pockets are difficult for you and our professional care team to clean. Periodontal surgery, combined with daily oral hygiene and regular maintenance in our Hackettstown office, increase your chances of keeping your natural teeth.

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